Why Glamping ?

At the Champs d'Ailes, we benefit from a wonderful countryside in the lovely village of Bornival (Nivelles).
We are blessed with a preserved Nature that has positive effects on physical, mental and spiritual levels on a daily basis and our visitors have always been willing to stay as long as possible in this peaceful environment. 

Offering accommodation was in the back of our head for a long time. The size of the house being limited, we opted for an unusual formula, Glamping (Glamour-Camping) in a luxurious tent. 

We fell in love with an elegant and solid model that offers Aesthetic, Comfort, Intimacy and Originality.










Offer :

We offer a Nature Experience in our Tent situated on the edge of our fields, surrounded by horses, hens, cows and numerous bird species. For a night or more, you can plunge into this beautiful region of the Walloon Brabant.
You will be hosted in a ca. 20m² with a stunning view, a king size bed, two matrasses for your kids, comfy seats and numerous false fur cushions and plankets, garden table and chairs.  

A fridge, a BBQ, a kettle and some china fulfill the material at disposal. You also have access to a wonderful Shepard's Hut where you can enjoy a cup of tea / coffee and a tiny one is a shelter for compost toilet. A private bathroom is accessible for a hot shower at your convenience in the evening or in the morning.

You can borrow two adult bikes to discover the area : the old Canal (Ronquières-Seneffe), the new Canal with the boat elevator, woods, paths in the village, ... 

Location : 

Bornival is part of the city of Nivelles (Brabant Wallon) on the edge of Hainaut in a well preserved countryside.
While enjoying a very peaceful environment, we are ideally situated at the crossing of all major Belgian highways. We are
15 km from the Waterloo, 30 minutes from Brussels, Namur, Mons and both Brussels and Brussels South Airports.


Ready for the Experience ? Follow the link to AirBnB 


Rue du Centre, 37

1404 Bornival (Nivelles)


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